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The Arts

Understand the creative process.? Understand the basic nature, materials, elements, and means of communicating in theatre, dramatic media, musical theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts.? Understand and identify individual and universal meanings perceived from forms of dramatic production (classroom dramatizations, theatre, film, television, and electronic media productions).? Realize that individual experiences play a role in constructing meaning from artistic experiences.? Deduce lessons that art teaches to artists and audience members.? Create alternative characters, settings, or events after viewing or participating in a performance. Understand empathy and aesthetics.? Value the role of beauty in artistic productions.? Develop methods to apply technological discoveries from research?to support artistic productions.? Construct dramatic works as metaphorical visions of life that embrace connotative meanings, juxtaposition, ambiguity, and variety interpretations, to develop a deeper understanding of personal issues and a broader world-view that includes international issues.? Integrate several arts media in in formal presentations.???Compare and contrast the interpretive and expressive conventions of specific cultures or historical periods.? Compare and contrast traditional and non-traditional art forms.? Develop aesthetic knowledge base that results from understandings of cultural, societal, historical, and artistic theories and products.? Respond to deliberate attempts to change attitude, style, thought, etc., through art.? Demonstrate the integration of several arts and/or media in theatre, film, televsion, or electronic media productions.??????

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American Literature, Art, and Music in the 1800s
源自 schooltube.com,制作人 schooltube
This video discusses some of the famous authors artists, architects, and musicians of the 1800s, and a few of their most famous works. It also discusses some of the changes in daily life in the 1800s. This is a great video to use as an overview of th... [更多]
發現人:freealan,于 The Arts
January 12, 2012 at 08:45 PM
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